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Welcome to The Inner Work Hub

The Inner Work Hub is an online learing platform for inner work education and guidance through online courses, meditations, workbooks, and individual guidance sessions based largely on "Parts Work," also known as Internal Family Systems.

About Us


The Inner Work Hub is designed for curious and introspective spiritual seekers and self-healers. It is for those who want to embark along an inner truth-seeking journey through their inner world to reach a more conscious and integrated way of living. 


The Inner Work Hub aims to make inner work accessible and simple, whether you’re embarking on your personal growth journey independently through meditations and courses, or desire individualized guidance. It does this through offering inner work education and guidance based largely on Internal Family Systems, or “Parts Work.”

The Inner Work Hub Empowers You To:

Discover and get to know every part of you that makes you unique


Love yourself more deeply and profoundly than you ever have before


Connect to and heal your inner child


Integrate all parts of you so that you can experience inner harmony and move towards self-actualization


Use inner work to make a positive impact on the world


What We Offer



Immerse yourself in inner work through lecture, experiential meditative journeys, visual elements, and personal reflection



Guided inner journeys to help you explore your inner landscape and get in touch with all parts of who you are



Receive one-on-one guidance to help you along your journey of personal and spiritual growth



An educational and experiential podcast for adventurous and introspective spiritual seekers and self-healers

About Emma Donovan, MA, LCPC

Inner Work Educator and Guide┃Founder of The Inner Work Hub

Emma Donovan, MA, LPC, is the Founder of The Inner Work Hub, LLC. Through it, she is excited to bring inner work education and guidance as a life practice for everyone.


Her work is informed by a decade of working in the wellness industry, her master's degree in counseling, thousands of sessions with clients, her level 3 training in IFS (Parts Work), training in Applied Shamanism and Depth Hypnosis, and her experience leading hundreds of students through personal growth workshops and courses.

Additionally, she spent 18 months as a therapist and personal growth educator at a remote mindfulness-based therapeutic community in Thailand and has traveled the world, receiving education in Spain, Thailand, India, and Nicaragua. 

She is a meditation teacher on Youtube and Insight Timer, and her meditations have been played over 50,000 times. She also hosts the podcast “Inner Work Talks.” She has been published in several magazines, including Bustle and Best Life Online, and was recently chosen as one of the Insight Timer Meditation App's "Staff Picks." 


In her “day job,” she is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and the founder and therapist of Alternative Therapy STL, LLC.

Image by Matt Gross


“Emma was wonderful. She cultivated an environment that was so loving, open, and accepting, allowing us to share parts of us many of us haven’t shared with even the closest people in our lives. Throughout this process I became significantly closer to one of my best friends who was also enrolled, learned to trust myself, and learned to be more gentle in areas I wasn’t perfect in. Could not recommend more.”

—  L.M.

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