Inner Work 101:

A 5-Module Intro Course

 Inner Work 101 is an intro course that will provide an introduction to Inner Work Practice, a system of becoming more conscious and self-loving that is based on Parts Work and Systems Thinking. 

This course aims to make inner work simple and accessible to help you embark along a path towards a more conscious and meaningful life. 

What You'll Learn...

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Orientation and Intro to Inner Work

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Systems Thinking as an Inner Work Practice

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Connecting To Your Core Essence

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Getting To Know Every Part of Who You Are

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Continuing Your Inner Work Journey


Course Benefits

Learn a surprisingly simple system for understanding yourself and others

Learn to listen your inner world and the messages it is sending you

Become more conscious and spiritually connected

Gain a deeper understanding of the different parts of your psyche

Befriend and love every part of who you are



"The Inner Work 101 course was a great way to get introduced to Inner Work. This provided the tools I needed to continue my inner work journey independently. The resources, meditations, and assignments helped me navigate through this experience in a way that I could not have done on my own. I highly recommend this course."

-Emily H., Course Participant

About The Teacher


Emma Donovan, MA, LPC, is the Founder of The Inner Work Hub, LLC.

Her work is informed by a decade of working in the wellness industry, her master's degree in counseling, thousands of sessions with clients, her level 3 training in IFS (Parts Work), and leading hundreds of students through personal growth workshops and courses.

Additionally, she spent 18 months as a therapist and personal growth educator at a remote mindfulness-based therapeutic community in Thailand and has traveled the world, receiving education in Spain, Thailand, India, and Nicaragua. 

She has been published in several magazines, including Bustle and Best Life Online, and was recently chosen as one of the Insight Timer Meditation App's "Staff Picks."

She bases this course primarily on Internal Family Systems or “Parts Work,” and also includes elements of mindfulness, journaling, general systems theory, and transpersonal psychology.

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What You'll Get...


Everything you need to begin your inner work journey

Accessible, bite-sized instructional videos


A 50+ page workbook you can keep and refer back to


Journaling prompts, inner mind maps, and more

Guided meditations you'll want to use again and again



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Disclaimer: This course is intended as a personal and spiritual growth resource, and not a clinical therapeutic tool. It is not designed to serve as or replace mental health services. Emma is not practicing as a therapist via this site. If you are a therapy client of Emma's, contact her directly before signing up for or accessing any materials on this course or site. Inner work can involve deep spiritual, psychological, and emotional experiences and is best used by people who are well-resourced, psychologically stable, and aware of the risks. By accessing this course, you are agreeing to use it at your own risk. Please read full details on the "Terms and Conditions" page for this course, and the "Disclaimer" and "Terms of Use" page. Thank you!

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